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Employees competency map is a useful tool for project managers and researchers, as well as for young science adepts at Our Company. We designed this website to help you connect with the person you are looking for.

First create your account here in order to create your scientific profile. Select your expertise from the database we provide, decide in which areas you would like to gain more skills. Anyone looking for those specific tags will find you in the future. You can also add your profile picture and contact data, as well as few words about you.

If you would like to look for an expert, go here and select a specific skill from the list, you will find who in our company can help you. If you are starting with a new project and you consider training someone in exchange for technical help, you might find such employees as well, by looking in "find a trainee" section.

If you would like to add skill or expertise to our database, please contact us at (subject: competency map). You can report any problems via that e-mail as well.